In 1937, Yunosuke Aoki opened a cafe in Nihonbashi called "Ellington" to honor Jazz music. Since then, Benihana has maintained the property, changing the restaurant concept with the times, eventually becoming the location for the present day, Benihana Bekkan.

  Yunosuke Aoki, who overcame the chaotic post-war period with courage and vitality, opened Benihana Barbeque in 1955. This was the beginning of Benihana Bekkan which has been in business for more than half a century.  Benihana has become more diverse and delicious by continually incorporating new elements into its traditional tastes.

  Our spicy Sri Lankan Cocotte Curry has specially developed into our most popular dish at Benihana Bekkan. It has been featured on numerous media outlets.  During the lunch hour rush you can experience firsthand, the impulsive craving for this Spicy soup curry. We ask for your patience in advance, as there are long lines during lunch time.

1-2-15 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 2F
Business Hours
11:00~15:30(Last Call 15:00)

17:00~22:00(Last Call 21:00)
Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays closing is at 21:00

Holidays:New year's holiday


58 seats

Lunch time is non-smoking. Smoking areas are available for dinner time.
Please note that some menu selections are only available at certain times.

レストラン 紅花別館

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